Control Your Travel Fears

Control Your Travel Fears
By Crazymyworld
Added on Mar 20, 2023

Many people have asked me. “How do you travel to so many countries, and where do you get the money?” My answer, first learn the skills to save money and be fearless.

You need to first learn How to avoid hidden travel fees if you want to keep more of your money when you travel.

Yet this post will be about how to be a fearless confident traveler, of course.

I was oblivious to the question at first.

There are many types of fears out there like traveling alone, crime rates even missing your flight and getting stuck.

I for one learned to control and reduce even eliminate these internal demons. Now I do the craziest tours and adventures all by myself.

My sister, not a chance (I tried trust me.) Yet I find myself with people, who want to do what I do but can't.​

Below are some tips, to help control your travel fears so let's get to it.

Calm Down

First things first, a deep breath. No seriously breathe. When you're calm, you become rational and you think clearly.

Your fear will still be there, but the panic attacks won't. If you feel that you can't calm down before a trip or Excursion.

There are healthy ways to do it. I will tell you this much. Don't take pills if you don't have to, leave them as your last resort.

If you can't overcome that fear surge you get throughout your body, that's fine, don't. That will be a later step.

What you need is to control those panic attacks, or at least be able to think. Too much fear can override your thought process.

Control your travel fears with first being calm, because whatever is going to happen happens either way. Yet if your in control of yourself the outcome can be better.


I drink my Wollies cup of green tea to control my travel fears before a flight
I drink my Wollies cup of green tea to control my travel fears

Earlier I mentioned there are healthy ways to control your travel fears yourself. ​

So here it is, ready tea, yes sage tea to be exact, because of its calming effect on the nervous system. It's ideal for nervous individuals.

You can purchase Sage on eBay or Amazon. Tea won't stop your attacks, but it can be controlled with a combination of other techniques.​

I was once a shut-in. (Yes, I was one.) I was too scared to go out or travel.​

I didn't have a girlfriend and was very suicidal (more on that in a future post.) Plus, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (poor old self). So if I can do it, you can too.

On my other blog Preparing for a trip worldwide. I walk people through what is needed for a trip and how to reduce stress before even leaving their homes.

Note Drink Sage tea with small amounts of honey. I get my honey at Target, Of course, use whatever sweetener you want.

It's easy to do. Lately, I don't use any sweeteners to increase the health benefits.

Slowly Adapt

Mindset, Mindset, Mindset, this is by far the most important.

Let's say you're afraid of heights an understandable, rational fear.

So what you do is, question why you're afraid, is it because of falling and getting hurt?

Are you afraid of not having control because you're nervous? Do you hate the feeling of gravity moving your organs in mid-air?

This is much more than blocking negative thoughts. If the height is too much for you, start at a lower height.

You remember those words in Biology class. Adapt to your environment, we do it every day the human body can adapt to anything.

Do something enough and you will have more control of your situation.

For example, instead of skydiving, try jumping from a tree to a lake or the ocean.

Much easier to do, but do it multiple times it gets easier the more you do it (hopefully no rocks at the bottom).

If you want to control your travel fears you must learn to do it gradual.

Here is another tip. Get up really high and just sit there and watch.

Do nothing else and look at the bottom, do this day in and day out for 3 days you will notice a difference.

Make Adventures Friends

two friends I made while walking in a tour in Argentina
The best way to control your travel fears is by making friends on your trip

This one is optional but it improves your chances to control your travel fears. Make friends with adventurous people, who can show you the ropes or push you to take a chance.

This is a real morale booster. Aren't you curious as to why in the military, Drill Sergeants are screaming at the recruits constantly while they train them it's to push them?

When you have someone say, “You can do it, or is that all you've got” it motivates you.

Plus, if you have someone there, you're not going at it alone. It makes controlling your fears easier.

Build Emotional Resistance

This one is one of my secret techniques. I learned this when I was depressed, hopefully, this help's you.

This is another optional step you don't have to do, but if you master it, the change will be real.

This is by far the best advise on this blog building emotional resistance is important and will push you that much closer to control your travel fears.

Ok here goes,' go to a quiet place, it can be anywhere. Sit or lay down, and make yourself comfortable.

Close your eyes and try to feel nothing, no love or hate or fear. Then once you get adapted to that emptiness, take a painful memory, and try it with that.

Over and over at first it's going to be hard, but then it gets easier.​

I have been doing this for years. What it will do is slowly make you into an “I don't care” kind of person.

The upside is that you won't need pills or tea or encouragement, yet it takes a long time to master.

Put on the mindset that the world is your kingdom, and travel is your parade around it.

Remember this, travel fears can be controlled and I mean all of them.

Know Yourself

what do you mean, Edwin? Simply put it will be great to build confidence within yourself.

From there, you could undertake more extreme excursions, yet be careful. There are some people that just don't have it in them.

o zip line or mountain climb or even leave the Country. When I was in Costa Rica (Miss you.) I was always asked, “Are you sure you're going to do this.”

I thought this was odd, so I asked, Why does every tour guide ask me that before an excursion? He shed some light.

Tourists pay for Tours yet don't show up.​ You're asking, “Why would anyone pay and not show up”?

imple, they took on too much too fast, or they let fear take over. Know what you're capable of.

Start slow, I am better than most, yet it doesn't mean that I wasn't scared (the first time I was shaking).

It's like leveling up, start at level 1, then make your way up to 100.

It would be crazy for you to take on level 50 activities when you're at level 1.

It's plain and simply dangerous because you could have a panic attack or worse hurt yourself.​

Don't try to control your travel fears with crazy tactics that can get you hurts.

Look on Tripadvisor for travel-related questions. That way you're not paying for something that you can't do.

Final Thoughts

So those are my thoughts on the issue. This Blog won't take you from shut-in to mountain climber.

Yet it will push you to be more assertive of yourself and in control. Honestly, don't let fears get in the way.

It's good to have some, just enough so you can be rational and cautious. Yet don't have too much that you get stuck in limbo.

This is to help make traveling easier for you, not make you into a Superman.

If there is anything, I learned throughout my travels it's you can control your travel fears if you have the will.

Here is a quote I use to describe fear in people. “Too little fear makes you arrogant and risky, too much fear can paralyze and cripple you.”

Author: Edwin Reyes

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